About Kindergarten

All DPS elementary schools offer a full-day of instruction to children in Denver. DPS has supplemented the basic half-day curriculum – required by law – with a full-day Kindergarten option. The first half of the day is free and the second half of the day is optional and tuition-based, though full and partial scholarships are available. Specific hours of operation are determined by the individual school. Holidays and District Planning Days are determined by the district calendar.



Denver Public Schools (DPS) provides developmentally appropriate kindergarten education services for five-year-old children in Denver. Kindergarten is available in all DPS elementary schools. The kindergarten program provides a safe and nurturing environment that promotes and supports the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of the child. The program serves approximately 6,500 kindergarten children. Both full and half day programs are available.

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is a critical component of the Kindergarten experience. A child can get the most from her educational experience when when teachers and parents work together to support the child as a team. Parents are encouraged to be active partners in the Early Childhood Education experience. Please see our tips for parents.