Program Options

Kindergarten Programming

We highly recommend that you begin researching the kindergarten options available to you and your child the year before your child begins kindergarten. There are many different programs available and finding the one that best meets your wants and needs is important. The choice enrollment process for kindergarten begins in January. You can fill out and turn in the necessary paperwork at any local DPS school. Information about the programs available and the school choice process can be found here

Half-Day Kindergarten

Half-day kindergarten is available for free for any student at their boundary school.

Full-Day Program

The majority of DPS Kindergarten programs are full day programs. There is a sliding scale tuition associated with full day kindergarten.

Spanish Language and Dual Language Instruction Classrooms

Many schools across DPS offer native language Spanish instruction and a few offer dual language Spanish/English Instruction.

Advanced Kindergarten

Beginning in 2018-19, DPS will no longer offer the Advanced Kindergarten (ADK) program. Instead, we will work to expand the opportunity for all kindergarten students to access advanced learning through all of our kindergarten classes, across the district. In order to expand access for all students, we will be eliminating the testing process by the Gifted and Talented (GT) Department. This will allow us to reallocate resources to better serve the entire kindergarten student segment and ensure advanced early learners are identified through clear differentiation. The GT department and the ECE department will work closely to ensure all ECE teachers receive professional trainings in order to accurately differentiate and meet the needs of our advanced and gifted learners.


Five DPS schools offer a Montessori program whose multi-age classrooms include 3, 4 and 5 year-olds. Montessori programs for kindergartners are full-day and follow the Maria Montessori Model. For children this age, this model focuses on introducing children to activities that instill care for themselves, others and their environment, allow them to explore their relationship to the physical environment, build language, gain knowledge of cultures and mathematics.

The following schools in DPS offer a Montessori program for kindergartners:

Use the map to find a Montessori program near you.

Specialty and Magnet Programs

Many schools have a focus area or specialty. We recommend that you tour and observe a variety of programs in order to find a program that meets you and your child’s needs.

Exceptional Children

Services for children with special needs are available at all schools. Additionally some schools have specific classrooms for children with disabilities and/or children who are considered gifted and talented. Be sure to ask the schools you are considering if they provide the services that your child needs. You can find information about Special Education and Gifted and Talented resources here