Program Options

Full-Day Program

An extended-day program of instruction within DPS provides the Board of Education approved curriculum during the morning session of instruction. The afternoon portion of the kindergarten day provides enrichment and extension activities and individualized instruction that supports the morning program. Parents should contact their neighborhood school for information on availability.

Advanced Kindergarten

DPS offers classrooms in eight elementary schools that are specifically designed for academically advanced kindergarten students. These classrooms provide a full-day curriculum that enriches, expands and accelerates state and district kindergarten standards according to student academic readiness and assessed curriculum mastery. The Advanced Kindergarten Program is a part of the full-day Tuition Based Kindergarten Program. Full and partial tuition assistance is available for tuition. Advanced Kindergarten classrooms are available in the following elementary schools:

  • Archuleta Elementary
  • Center for Early Education
  • Edison Elementary
  • Gust Elementary
  • Palmer Elementary
  • Polaris at Ebert
  • Stedman Elementary
  • William Roberts School

Students must apply and qualify based on district assessments.

For more information, see the Gifted and Talented website . If spaces are available applications will be accepted online in January. Acceptance to the Advanced Kindergarten Program is a one-year placement.


Five DPS schools offer a Montessori program whose multi-age classrooms include 3, 4 and 5 year-olds. Montessori programs for kindergartners are full-day and follow the Maria Montessori Model. For children this age, this model focuses on introducing children to activities that instill care for themselves, others and their environment, allow them to explore their relationship to the physical environment, build language, gain knowledge of cultures and mathematics.

The following schools in DPS offer a Montessori program for kindergartners:

Use the map to find a Montessori program near you.

Half-Day Kindergarten

Half-day kindergarten is available for free for any student in the district.

Spanish Only Classrooms

Many schools across DPS offer Kindergarten classes only in Spanish. These classrooms offer the same curriculum as English language classrooms, but are taught by a teacher who is certified to teach in Spanish. Please use the map to find these classrooms.

Early Entrance

An Early Entrance to Kindergarten Assessment is available for children with exceptional academic need who turn 5 years-old between October 2 and December 31 of the year of enrollment. The Board of Education policy stipulates that students must have extraordinary academic need for early entrance. For information about this assessment, contact the Early Education Department.

Special Needs

Services for children with special needs ages are available. For more information, please contact Child Find at 720-423-1410.

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