Your Options

Learn About DPS Resources and Programs

Consider your child’s strengths, challenges, and the kind of learning environment in which he/she is most successful. The following resources are a great place to start your research:

  • SchoolChoice Enrollment Guide — Review the SchoolChoice Enrollment Guide to create a list of schools that might be a good match for your child. The SchoolChoice Enrollment Guide is available at all DPS schools and community events.
  • Program Options — For a breakdown of preschool and kindergarten program options, please visit the Preschool Program Options and Kindergarten Program Options pages.
  • SchoolMatchSchoolMatch will allow you to plug in your address to find your neighborhood school and other schools in your region.
  • Schools Contact List — From the Schools Contact List, click on a school to find contact information for the school and which programs it offers.

Understand the DPS Rating and Ranking System

DPS uses the School Performance Framework (SPF) to evaluate how well Denver schools support student achievement. For elementary schools, the SPF consists of five criteria including the school’s most recent CSAP scores, changes in CSAP scores over time, student engagement, parent satisfaction and re-enrollment rates. Based on these criteria, all schools in the district are ranked on a 100-point scale and classified in five categories. School-specific SPF ratings can be found online and in the SchoolChoice Enrollment Guide. For additional guidance, please visit the following web sites:

  • ScoopToo — The ScoopToo web site is parent-written resource that includes a blog, school profiles, parent interviews,and important announcements.
  • GreatSchools — The GreatSchools web site provides additional information on school performance.
  • Colorado School Grades — The ColoradoSchoolGrades web site uses a simple system to grade all Colorado schools from A to F.

Visit Schools and Attend Events

If possible,we strongly recommend that you visit the schools that interest you and your child. You may contact the school directly to meet the principal, take a tour, find out a bout an open house, or set up a classroom visit.



After you’ve researched schools, resources and programs, prioritize your child’s top five schools in your order of preference.