Parent and Families

Denver Public Schools look forward to welcoming you and your child to kindergarten. We believe in the potential within each individual child and are committed to their success.

Teaching and learning do not only happen in school. Learning happens when parents and children are interacting and doing activities
together. The most important thing you can do is be involved with your children and participate in their education in partnership with their
teachers and school.

Click here to read the Parent Transition  (English version) (Spanish version) document.

Learning with Others

When children have a positive approach to learning they are likely to want to learn more. Play is important for learning. There are many
connections between brain development, play and learning.

Pretend play supports the development of imagination, school adjustment, memory, language and selfregulation.
When they represent objects, events, or people who are not present, children are thinking at a higher level

Children learn to:

  • Plan and pursue interesting tasks
  • Stay engaged while ignoring most distractions
  • Feel eager to learn and be curious about many things
  • Change plans if a better idea is thought of or suggested