Early Education Team

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Our Team

Denver Public Schools Early Education Department focuses on building shared best practices for working with young children and their families and promoting the value of early education through advocacy and strategic communications. keeping the community informed.

Our team is committed to administrator and teacher effectiveness; aligned standards, curricula, and assessments of social-emotional and academic skills for students from PreK to third grade; quality learning environments; family engagement; data driven improvement; and collaboration with the community.

Early Education Staff

A – L

Liz Beindorff – Head Start Disability Coordinator

Cheryl Caldwell – Director

Susan Coopersmith – Academic Support Partner

Diana Cunningham – Head Start Education Coordinator

Stephanie David – Head Start Family Services Supervisor

Elise Edwards – Academic Support Partner

Darzelle Efferson – Client Technical Support – Denver East

Erin Ellis – Office Support II

Nicole Enomoto-Carlson – Academic Support Partner

Becka Eschel – Head Start Coordinator

Lisa Golden-Ipson – Head Start Health Coordinator

Nydia Gonzales – Head Start Family Liaison

Maddie Henninger – Office Support II

Priscilla Hopkins – Instructional Superintendent

Andrea “Andi” Ives – Business Manager

Mira Killmeyer – Academic Support Partner

Karen Labuda – Head Start Family Liaison

M – Z

Irma Martinez – Head Start Family Liaison

Nancy Mauro – Academic Support Partner

Lois McDonald – Head Start Family Liaison

Luz Mezzacapo – Head Start Family Liaison

Lucy Mullen Davis – Academic Manager

Thuy Nguyen – Head Start Health RN

Rosie Nicholls – Office Support III

Max Panten – Client Technical Support – Denver West

José C. Paz – Director of Head Start

Fernando Perez-Soto – Head Start Family Liaison

Katherine Plog Martinez – Director of Strategic Initiatives

Callan Quiram – Academic Support Partner

Lisa Roy – Executive Director

Hilary Rubin – Academic Support Partner

Stephanie Stout Oswald – Senior Research Analyst

Christy Ullery – Academic Support Partner

Amar Vaanchig – Budget Analyst

Dolores Vargas – Head Start Family Liaison

Jane Walsh – Director of Community Partnerships

Kendra Wilhelm – Program Manager

Marcela Yanez-Martinez – Academic Support Partner