How we serve our kids and parents

The mission of the Early Education Department is to deliver integrated, comprehensive and quality early education in every classroom.

At DPS, we give our youngest learners the time they need to develop and grow through play and experience, and we teach them how to become contributing members of our global community.

Our staff supports families in their roles as advocates for their child’s education at DPS and provides parent involvement opportunities that lead to their child’s academic achievement.

As we as a community face the challenges that Covid – 19 has brought, please take a look at the resources tabs to the right, “Available Resources” and “Supporting Pre-K Students at Home”,  for many helpful resources (in English and Spanish) to aid your student’s learning activities and family resources during this extended break.

2020 RFP Application Rubric and Assurances

In the state of Colorado, preschool aged children enrolled in the Colorado Preschool Program (CPP) or the Early Childhood At-Risk Enhancement (ECARE) programs, or identified with an educational disability, may generate state funds to local school districts.

Please click here to view the Early Education Department 2020 RFP Application Rubric for CPP/ECARE and Assurances.